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This is a tough time to be looking for a job. Many of my career success coaching clients are having difficulty getting interviews let alone landing a job. However, I heard a story not too long ago about a new MBA from NYU who got five job offers. He did it by creating unique resumes especially tailored to the job for which he was applying. This takes work, but in this fellow’s case, the hard work paid off.

Good employees know they’re good. They may not be appreciated; they may not have everything they want; but, they know they are above average, and, more importantly, they are determined to be the best; that is why you want them.

Obviously there are staffing, lifestyle and financial questions to all of these issues, but trust me when I tell you that if you make doing business with ‘YOU’ easier than your competition, you will gain business!

“Forty is definitely more significant than any other age,” says Christopher Stack, executive vice president of a New York restaurant management recruiters. He believes most of the significance is self-imposed.

A search firm gets paid to attract people who are among the best in their field, not those just able to do the job. This is where a lot of frustration occurs among candidates.

It is important to be active in professional organizations so that not only are you kept abreast of important changes, but, you keep your pulse on whose happy and who’s not.

Atin Dasgupta is director of Perfman HR. Indian Executive Search Company Perfman HR is headquartered in Mumbai. Our aim is to connect, engage, retain and develop talent. We offer the following services: Recruitments, Industry Data Mapping, Devising Performance Bonus Systems, Psychometric Test Development, Framing Policies, Drafting HR Policy and Procedures in the HR Manual, Hiring Support.

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