Ways To Help Convince Attorneys That You Can Help Them As An Expert Witness

Personal injury cases are getting increasingly more difficult to win, despite hearing about the occasional “big wins.” Why might that be? It’s due in large part to current conservative politics, resulting in changes in laws that affect personal injury cases. These changes come in the form of restrictions that limit how a Plaintiff and his attorney can prove his claim in court.

Realize that you do not need absolute conclusions. You only need to express your best opinion, based on the most probable scenario, and to a reasonable degree of either scientific or medical certainty.

Suing a professional is not easy. Firstly you need to be able to prove that you have lost money, and secondly you need to be able to prove that it was on the basis of the advice given, or work done, by that professional. Thirdly you will probably need at least a solicitor, and probably some other accountant who will act as an Expert witness directory.

First, you typically should not have to pay anything up front. There should be no hourly fees charges. The fee would be limited to a percentage from a recovery. It should state that if there is no recovery, there is no fee. (In some cases, where it is not a pure personal injury case or where it’s a different type of case- like a bad faith insurance case, it may be appropriate for a retainer along with a Contingent Fee Agreement or a retainer for costs).

The savvy businessman across the table wears a mask to conceal his emotions so he’ll have the advantage in the negotiation. Can you read the telltale nonverbal signals? Some nonverbal reactions that are very informative, such as the Adam’s Apple Jump, are beyond conscious control.

One of the most chilling instances during the trial was hearing the voice of Michael Jackson in some sort of drug induced state. It was never clear as to why Dr. Murray taped recorded this on May 10, 2009.

The newspaper The Hill notes that this will not be the first time a fictional character appears before Congress, pointing out that Elmo, of Sesame Street, made an appearance some years back. Fair to note, though whether Colbert has as much to contribute on a serious topic as a muppet is a question yet to be answered.

If it’s a money problem, try mightily to figure it out – the doctor may accept a lien, friends and family might chip in, there may be state programs that will provide assistance. But do not simply fade away into no treatment at all. You don’t want to get “cracked open” on the witness stand.

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Ways To Help Convince Attorneys That You Can Help Them As An Expert Witness

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