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Is your honeymoon stage over? Is your romance with your spouse had gone along with the adolescence of your first born? How do you make up for a relationship that seems to die down along with the constant quarrel and bout with your spouse? Can you still keep the fire burning in a relationship after years of being together?

And maybe, like me, now you’ve grown up, you realise that the world is not quite the way you imagined it in your youth: Cinderella has not pulled up outside your home in her pumpkin carriage, nor is Snow White cooking dinner for you when you get home from the office after a day working for a guy who would find himself in steaming hot water if he had a nose like Pinocchio.

If your ex is willing to speak with you, a great way to get things back on track is to do something to recapture a bit of sexshop and passion in your life. Take a vacation, plan a special evening alone – do something! Your ex will appreciate the gesture and the change in scenery might be just the thing to get the two of you on the same level again.

Looking for an after-hours date idea? Surprise your sweetheart with a sleepover at the Long Beach Aquarium. Share a special bonding moment with your loved one as you participate in a yoga session, feed the fish, listen to an informal animal interaction lecture or simply curl up under one of the large exhibits. There is no need to worry about meals; the sleepover includes gourmet pizza, snacks and continental breakfast. Be sure to call ahead for available dates and book your reservations in advance.

Analyze yourself by recalling her criticisms and her complaints and see if what she said about you were true. These are the things that drove her away, so it is important that you eliminate them before you can get her back.

Although I know this is domestic violence, it feels more like a hit from a gang. This is disorganized crime scene and many pieces of evidence. This was anger, over kill. A person with a volatile temper.

Florida is the perfect place for your next romantic holiday, and whether you are planning to have a short or long stay, St. Augustine is a great city to visit. The historic and antique aspect of the inns and resorts here is a great backdrop for romance.

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