How To Create A Facebook Badge For Your WordPress Blog

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Put a “like” link for Facebook on your blog. This makes it easy for people to like you on the social website. Putting this button on your blog page means readers don’t have to search out your Facebook feed if they want to “like” the content. Doing it this way helps your exposure and keeps people on your page longer.

You can also post videos on this platform. If you run a business that does not involve always posting pictures, you can also post videos on it sharing your content. When people watch your videos they can come to your site and find out more about you. The most important thing is to leave a link of your website for people to easily know who you are and visit your website.

Austrian Coronas are gold coins that were first minted in Vienna, Austria from 1908 through 1914. They feature a profile image of Habsburg Emperor Franz Joseph on one side and a two-headed eagle and Austrian Coat of Arms on the obverse side. The “corona” was the Austrian unit of currency during this time. It was struck in two different sizes, a 20 Corona gold piece and a 100 Corona coin that consisted of one ounce of gold. The coins have a purity of 21.6 Karat, and each are made from 98% pure gold.

Someone will take an image and “pin” it onto their pin-boards. Pin-boards are just collages on Pinterest and you can have as many pin-boards as you like. Pin images onto your pin-boards, and forever after that pin is posted, a link back to the original source website will remain. All of the pins on Pinterest are back-links to somewhere else and that is why Pinterest is driving so much traffic worldwide. It is a very direct way of getting traffic to your website. Pinterest is a visual billboard for something that lives behind the graphic. If these visuals meet the interest of the audience, the user will click to visit the source website. People visit Pinterest just to browse around and when they find an image that is interesting, they click it to see the source. Every pin has a link behind it.

Autopilot Cash Formula is an internet marketing course that was put together by Matt Wolfe. Matt Wolfe demonstrates in this program why he has such a good reputation in the internet marketing community as someone who knows how to make money and teach others this skill. If you haven’t heard of him before, don’t panic. Matt has not been one to seek a lot of publicity. This does not mean he is any less trustworthy than those who keep a higher Pinterest profile. In fact, Matt Wolfe is just as credible as the rest of the “gurus” out there who are peddling their wares online.

Another tip that will help increase your following, is to listen to other people’s music on Newgrounds. Find songs/artists you like or have a similar style, and comment on their work. Once again no spam comments etc..etc…etc… Give them some encouraging feedback, thoughts criticisms or ideas. You can ask them to have a listen to your work too, but I would avoid shamelessly promoting your website on other peoples submissions. Commenting on others’ work may seem a like a strange thing to do, but I promise it will help contribute to building solid followings, as well as solid relationships with other like-minded artists. Its is just another facet of not becoming a “faceless” content submitter, think of it in a social networking point of view. Participation will help your popularity!

Last year while building my family tree website my searches found a second cousin, a grand-daughter to my mother’s father’s sister. My mom either did not know about this family branch or, more likely, she had forgotten. Anyway, I contacted this cousin and she sent me a lot of new genealogical information. We also exchanged many family photos. Try growing your own family tree. You might be surprised by the results!

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How To Create A Facebook Badge For Your WordPress Blog

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