Focus On Proper Nutrition For Sports And Not Just On Weight Loss

When it comes to winning a tough competition, more than 100% efforts are required by a player. At the end nerves need to be in your control so that you can concentrate hard on the game. During that point of time, it is important to be physically and mentally fit. To become healthy and give your better performance, it is important to have a good idea about the particular match. Sports supplements can also do the same task for you and then it would be easier for you to take the appropriate steps and achieve your target.

Here are some foods that are ideal to consume as high carbohydrate foods. In other words, these are the foods to eat prior to your game, your competition or your events.

Rick: OK, well I, like a lot of people, grew up in the standard American way eating a regular, crummy diet and like a lot of kids, drinking beer and doing other things that weren’t so healthy. I finally got sick of that and in 1986 started studying raw food nutrition, excuse me, started studying sports nutrition, trying to get myself a little bit healthier. I was a freshman in college at that time. Then from there went on to learn about natural hygiene and after that Viktora Kulvinskas, Anne Wigmore, Hippocrates approach. So really I’ve been a raw food vegan since 1987. So 21 years now. I’ve figured a few things out in that time.

It’s made a tremendous difference in my health and well-being. I’ve been a chiropractor since 1997. So I’ve been in chiropractic practice for the last ten years. I incorporate nutrition into my practice as well as my wife and I now, for the last couple of years, teach The Science of Raw Food Nutrition series of classes here at Living Light in Fort Bragg. We have other programs that we’re developing. We’re going to be at the Anne Wigmore Institute for our second program with them coming up. So basically at this point we teach raw food nutrition.

Kevin: You mentioned about five things; you mentioned iron, B12, protein, carbohydrates and nitrosamines, these five things. These are huge issues in the raw food community. Can we go through each five of those?

Not for sure what you need, exactly? Well, what are your goals? This store will help you create a plan depending on your gender, goals, and age. You will be given product recommendations as well as tips on what you should eat every day. You can watch exercise videos to learn how to stay in shape.

A pre workout- Loaded with caffeine, citrulline malate and beta alanine usually, these are quite effective at awakening a tired mind and body and getting you ready to shift poundage. They are also supposed to limit fatigue and increase the “pump”, all desirable effects! I am a fan I must admit, although most of the usefulness comes from the caffeine, so feel free to chug down the black stuff (not Guinness guys..) pre workout for a cheap pre workout. Again, buying caffeine powder/capsules, beta alanine and citrulline malate can also be done to create your own pre workouts.

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Focus On Proper Nutrition For Sports And Not Just On Weight Loss

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