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When it’s time to update the look of your home, and you are considering going with a hard floor rather than carpet, don’t let wood flooring cost scare you into something that you really don’t want.

Stains may need extra attention. If something gets spilled on leather furniture make sure you soak up the spill as soon as it happens. If the spill is allowed to soak into the leather it may be a nightmare to clean up. A stain that is set in the leather may need a professional cleaner to clean it up. If you use commercial leather cleaner you are taking a chance that the color pigment on the leather will be removed some. Always check in a spot that is unnoticed on the leather to see if a change will occur before you use the cleaner on an obvious spot. Use caution with commercial leather residential cleaner london on leather furniture.

Keep the driving to a minimum. Yes, it is so much easier to run errands without your kids. But when you consider the miles you’re putting on your car – not to mention the gas you’re using (which, at $2.50 a gallon is not cheap) – it makes sense to let them tag along. Plus, depending on the errand, you could turn it into an educational experience. So, if I need to go to the grocery store, I stop on my way home. If I need to run errands and can’t manage them during my lunch hour, I stop on my way home. Weekends are typically spent at home, but if I need to run errands (as I occasionally do), I do all of it at once.

G2 – This suction type cleaner has the patented Zodiac Advanced Hydrodynamic Design. It comes completely pre-assembled. Like the G3, it has a simple design and has durable hoses, and wheel deflectors.

One of the biggest pollutant offenders is the vacuum cleaner used to clean our homes. If you ever get that dusty or musty odor, especially while vacuuming, it’s due to leakage through the vacuum bag and/or filter.

Track your spending. This one is critical. Save your receipts for a month, if you need to, but keep track of every single dime you spend. It doesn’t matter if it’s a toll booth on the Greenway, a decaf mocha latte from Starbucks, or snacks from the vending machine. Write it all down and look at it at the end of the month. It’s so amazing where we spend the bulk of the money that isn’t already earmarked for bills.

Make sure your house is well ventilated. Don’t let water stand anywhere for any length of time, and periodically check trouble areas like kitchens, bathrooms and closets for mold and mildew. Finally, if you see or smell them, clean up immediately.

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