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Write down interesting spots to photograph. Occasionally you will be without your camera and you will run across a great, photogenic place. Just make a note to return there later when you have your camera. Taking a mini notepad along when you’re out is an effective way to remember the places you want to go back to.

Every studio in Hollywood and the surrounding communities have their own stories. Universal has haunted soundstage “28”, known as “The Phantom” stage. Many horror films were partially filmed there, included “The Phantom of the Opera”. Many unexplained sitings have been reported. The stage is not open to the public as a few are in the area for the “tram tour”.

Learn your equipment. Take the time play with the settings. Don’t try to print perfect photos right away. Most people with a little time and practice can learn to do basic photo special effects. Give yourself the time to learn.

I did my research and the software I ended up using was recommended on a lot of digital photo forums. I even called a local professional boudoir and he suggested the same software. Well that was enough for me. One of the best parts about it was it is a free download and you can see if it will work before you buy. Completely safe for your hard drive or memory card.

Have you ever thought of doing it yourself? It can be really fun as well as extremely cheap. You only need to use a digital camera you already have (or borrow one from your friends) and capture those particular moments. If you have a friend who really know how to take pictures, you could ask him or her to get pictures for you. With a digital camera, you would not need to buy film to have the pictures. You only need the memory card to save the images you have taken, and that’s it.

Garden Party is a decent movie considering the low budget independent production qualities. Los Angeles can be kind of creepy at times and its not exactly the city that does it, but the people that live there.

In the beginning your marketing budget is probably pretty tight, if you even have one. Don’t worry. There are still things you can do to get your name out there.

The innocence of these young adults is what brings the movie into our minds. The naive people in all their ignorance are not to blame. Its a matter of educating and shaping the minds of the youth today.

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