Twitter Marketing Strategy For Your Online Marketing Plan

There are several ways to communicate on Twitter. Which way you decide to use depends on the type of message you want to send. It can be wide open for the whole world to see or private for the recipients eyes only.

David Banner: One of the problems that is happening in America to a certain degree is people think we made it. That’s not the case at all. My granddaddy died so people wouldn’t call me a n*gger. My grandparents died so we could read. One of the worst things that happened to black people in America historically is integration. People ask me why I say that and I tell them it’s because we gave up all of our control. We can’t control what our kids are taught. The doctors became the janitors. We have to go to other places for our music to be distributed. It’s crazy. If you look at those cultures that stayed together like Little Korea or Little Chinatown they passed those dollars around four or five times, look at where they are now.

The process of crowdfunding as been around longer than the phrase crowdfunding has existed. Articles have been written about filmmakers who accepted PayPal donations in exchange for film credit decades ago.

What these lovely speakers led me to understand was there is a lot of talk surrounding workshops, seminars and alike; but the follow through is lacking. Coming from a corporate world in the engineering field, my experience lead me to understand that there was a lacking of commitment, structure and knowledge about how to move a project forward. I needed to approach this project like I would any building project in the engineering field. I needed to pull out my old project management hat. Dusting it off I pulled out files and proposals from projects that had already been completed. As we say in the engineering field there is no need to reinvent the wheel, there was already a formula and I would use it.

The real question is not whether you can enter the ranks of Facebook, Twitter, and Linked-in real estate mavens. The question is whether you have the time and the desire to do so.

I didn’t tell anybody but I also released a documentary along with the album. I’m asking them to give me what they feel like it’s worth-at least a dollar. It’s more about the contribution to the movement than it is the album, because it’s way bigger than the album. It’s asking to get together 2 million people that we can count on, whether it’s political or philanthropic. To be able to have 2 million peoples e-mail that are active, not buy twitter followers cheap, but people that you know that are an active part of it and they support it.

My strategy for promoting my call to my mailing list is to send just three promotional emails. The first email is two weeks before the call, the second a week before the call, and the third a day before the call. In addition, I would refer to the call in my newsletter which goes out during those two weeks.

Twitter is an interactive marketing tool, and because of this it is valuable in two ways. While it is instrumental in getting your message out, it is also hugely helpful in taking the pulse of your customers. So make sure that your Twitter marketing efforts start strong and more importantly stay strong.

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