Make Your Website An Atm Machine

After you have posted to a blog hundreds of times your posts tend to become buried in the archives. The home page of your blog might highlight other posts, but they are usually more recent ones.

You must include a means for your customer to contact you. The easier it is for a customer to make that initial contact, the quicker you will be able to make a sale. Do make sure you either include a customer contact form or a quote request form on your site.

A simple way to do this could be a post that simply links 10 posts from 2008. You don’t have to go outside your blogging platform and use html to do this! It’s that easy.

While everything you know is important, only a few will give you a chance if you fail to present yourself well. So make sure that you own a targeted and relevant domain name and your site is clean and professional looking. Believe it or not, presentation is important in shaping the visitor’s impression of your site.

All of this was due to getting a lot of backlinks in a short period of time. How is it, then, that they got away with this? One member of the Sphere Team mentioned that getting a lot of backlinks CAN land you in the sandbox, but WON’T if you do it smartly. Now, what could he mean by doing it smartly?

Another way to be paid is through sweepstakes. These are rewards given by the survey company for taking their survey. There are various forms of rewards given for taking any online survey. For example, it is possible get a sweepstakes entry to up to $50 dollars or so for most 15 to 30 minute surveys.

Question 7: I barely have time to do what I’m doing now to generate traffic. How will MLM Traffic Formula 2 help me refocus and cut down the time needed to run my lead generating system?

Remember that people like to feel that they know you before they will trust you. The competition is stiff enough now that branding is almost a necessity for success. If you are going to get involved in this industry you must set yourself apart from the crowd.

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