Is The South Beach Diet Safe? Find Out The Answer Today!

I am one of those people who will try anything at least once. I did try the low carb diet myself. I had the same question as you, low carb diets, do they work?There are several varieties of them. I think the most famous would be the Atkins diet. The Atkins diet is good for weight loss. There are several stages. At first there are virtually no carbs at all on the diet. But you can eat bacon and butter! At first it was so novel to eat this way that it was easy to stay on. As a matter of fact, I stayed on it for over 8 months. But due to my lack of literacy skills I never went past the first level of Dr Atkins’ diet. He slowly introduces carbs in your diet. I must have blanked out after a few chapters.

The Atkins Diet became popular in the mid to late 90’s throughout present time, although it has lost some of its popularity. This diet is very strict and very controversial. While historical diets have you restrict fats or portions, the Atkins Diet takes a more extreme, and at the same time, more liberal approach. With the Atkins Diet you basically eliminate almost all carbohydrates. While not entirely eliminated, the amount of carbs you can have, especially early on, is a drastic change to many people’s diets. But, you can eat as much protein or fat as you want. Hungry for some eggs? Go ahead and have a dozen because the Atkins Diet lets you eat as much as you want.

The low carb diet will make you lose weight and it’s not due to fluid loss (your body adjusts by making you feel thirsty). However the problem is the body simply needs carbohydrate. Evolution still expects us to be physically active and carbs are our main source of energy.

The diet is similar to the Atkins diet but is not as strict about carbohydrates. However, it does rely on meat and saturated fats, and it restricts the use of fruit and some vegetables.

Diets That Work #3: Glycemic Impact Diet This diet can be a good choice for you if you: crave sugar and sweet, have mood swings and/or irritability, or have been feeling low on energy. But if you don’t want to eat meals and snacks more frequently and you want fast food in your diet plan, this may not be a good choice for you. This diet is based on the concept of Glycemic Index. Foods with low Glycemic Index value release sugar into the blood at a lower speed, supplying you with a slow yet steady energy so that you don’t feel hungry as fast. I like the fact this diet combined the best parts from diets such as south beach diet keto friendly and the Zone diet.

Solution to eat much less food at one sitting is always to drink a glass of water just before you eat after which drink much more h2o with your meal. Drinking water takes up loads of room in your abdomen so you will really feel complete faster and drinking water will not give you any added calories. Great!

As with the Atkins diet, the more drastic the change is from your usual way of eating, the more weight you will lose at first. The inventor was trying to help people stay on the very low carb diet. He saw how difficult it was for his patients to stay on it for very long.

Is the South Beach Diet not working for you? I encourage you to look into how to cheat on your diet on a regular basis to lose weight fast while you enjoy the process.

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