Email Marketing Tips – How To Get Your Email List To Open Emails

Are you hit by the Recession? I am guessing your answer is yes – So, what are you doing about it? Remember, with recession comes innovation – It is the catalyst to change!

Participate in an affiliate campaign. That means agreeing to offer a bonus product to the launch of someone else’s product (book, eBook, audio CD, program). You agree to promote their product to your B2B Email Lists in exchange for a commission on any sales that come from your list ($ in your pocket) as well as increasing your visibility to prospective buyers thus driving traffic to your website. People come to your website and sign up for your mailing in order to claim your bonus = increase in your database.

A landing page can contain information about all the products that you are offering your customers. Descriptions, pricing and photos are included and usually there is a button at the bottom that customers can just click so they will be directed to the virtual store. Online businesses that are planning to create an email database can include in the landing page a form where visitors can input information about themselves before being directed to the product descriptions.

Everyone loves to get something great for only a little bit of money! Choose a network marketing company that offers discount coupons you can use to find leads and entice existing customers to buy again. Use the coupons to create the interest that you need or to reward some of your most valued and loyal customers. The chance to save some money will make potential customers more interested email list in buying a product.

Before we go any further, let me tell you upfront, that the first three steps will involve a small financial outlay. This is because you’ll need a domain name (around $9) which is step 1, hosting account (around $6.50/month) which is step 2 and an autoresponder account (cheapest way is quarterly or annually) which is step 3.

So what we want to do in viral marketing is flip it. How can we device a way that will make other people want to tell other people about it? Basically word of mouth marketing. So the 3 that I discussed below are viral videos. There is nothing new to say there. Its video marketing at its best. You are watching something that I hope will go viral in sometime. I am going to share with you proof and evidence in a second that what I have been doing HAS gone viral.

Again, the biggest benefit to setting up your automated webinar sequence is that it only needs to be done once. Beyond that, it runs on autopilot. Allowing yourself to get intimidated by the process will only hurt your bottom-line, and cost you massive time wastage in the future.

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Email Marketing Tips – How To Get Your Email List To Open Emails

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