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Buying a new car can be very exciting. Cars are a way for you to show your taste and your status. Whether you chose to over accessorize your car or leave it just the way you bought it, people look at a car to tell them something about the type of person that is driving it. What would you think about working for a company where the CEO drives a car that is falling apart? It might make you second guess who and what type of company you were working for. Since the value of your car drops dramatically before you leave the lot, it is important to make sure you are making the best investment. Here is a list of the top rated upcoming cars in 2012. Happy shopping!

Plug up the leaks that drain cash from your business. Remember frugality? We practiced it at home growing up. Turn off lights, turn the heat back, cancel subscriptions for publications no one reads, shop for LukeMedikal, shop for phone service. There is no better time than now to get a better deal.

Antilock brakes are found on most of the newer car models out there. They were manufactured as a feature to create additional safety for the passenger. Recent surveys have shown mixed results on whether or not they truly help drivers under severe stopping situations. The bottom line is this: antilock brakes are a good safety feature if used correctly. Many drivers don’t use them correctly. If you buy a new model car with antilock breaks, make sure you get proper instruction on their use before you drive of the dealer’s lot!

Many homes may have a sump pump in their basement. Make sure your sump pump is working properly. In particular, check the float switch. If this gets jammed in the hoses or wires, it will not be triggered when the water rises.

Utilities. Are the bills paid regularly? Do you have a contact number for the electric company, gas, or telephone? Is there cable, internet, or other monthly charges you need to be aware of?

What about packing? Don’t forget your passport! Although Cyprus is a member of the European Union, you will need a valid passport to enter and leave the country.

After you’ve done away with all superfluous expenses, add up the amount you’ll save every month with those cuts. In all likelihood, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the amount of money you’ll save every month by simply exercising stronger control of your spending.

Breathe. Sometimes these things happen and you will feel overwhelmed and maybe a target. But, as best you can, let it run off your back like a duck. Remember after all, these are just “things,” you still have your life and hopefully your health. Although it is a major inconvenience and it always costs you more time and money, the end results can be better. I ended up making improvements to our basement I would not have done if not for the flood.

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